Let Justine care for you while you care for baby

You’re probably experiencing a few changes to your skin as your bundle of joy grows inside of you. Stretch marks, scars, pigmentation and sensitivity to the sun are just some of them. Justine has improved its Tissue Oil formula to help give your skin the care it needs throughout every

Mimbee kids Bio

Mimbee kids, now represented in nearly 200 stores in Southern Africa, continues to grab attention with the fun range of not only bright, colourful and crazy watches, but now kiddie’s foldable animal sunnies and gifting items too. The base product that forged Mimbee’s success over the past 4 years would

‘Rise Up’ and fly at Africa’s biggest kite festival

Come and meet an aerial ‘big five’ when Nemo, Squid, Octopus, Red Teddy and Bertie the Worm take to the skies at the 24th Cape Town International Kite Festival on 27 and 28 October, in Muizenberg. It is Africa’s biggest kite festival and sees kiters from around the world flying

BETADINE™ Advances Leadership in Feminine Care

BETADINE™ Advances Leadership in Feminine Care with the introduction of a new cosmetic range  Cape Town, August 2018: Mundipharma has advanced its leadership in feminine care by launching a new cosmetic range specifically designed for the intimate area. Everything from daily protection, to doctor-recommended treatments for specific issues, are now

Giving your baby solid food early won’t help them sleep better

Professor of Child Public Health, Swansea University New research claims that giving babies solid foods at just three months old will help them sleep. Though this may sound appealing to exhausted new parents, unfortunately there is a large gulf between the headlines and the data. Much of the published evidence in

Breastfeeding is not ‘easy’ – stop telling new mothers that it is

It’s difficult to talk about breastfeeding in a productive way right now. On the one hand, the UK’s breastfeeding rates are so low, that campaigns such as National Breastfeeding week have become really important in encouraging more people to support it. Unfortunately, at the same time, these events often stir up a

True Story

Research shows it’s more beneficial for dad, rather than mom, to read to a child, writes Dorothy Ewels Bedtime story duty was typically shared between my mom and dad. But for the most part it was my dad, reading to me each evening while my mom either did chores or

Baby Steps

DR LIN DAY explains how baby learns to roll over, and the importance of tummy time. Rolling over is an extremely important milestone in your baby’s development, and the starting point for all other balance skills including sitting up and crawling. Rolling over from front to back usually occurs at

Colic, chiro and no more crying!

Moaning, cramping, reflux, restlessness… For those moms and dads struggling to comfort a colicky baby, why not try chiropractic treatment? By Collette Merritt and Dr Greg Lacock I heard this statement for the first time about a decade ago: “I handed my 2-day-old colicky baby to my chiro, and he

Forget the caffeine – just breathe!

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to caffeine but still crave the morning rush that coffee brings, oxygen supplementation could be the answer, accompanied by other innovative and 100% natural ways of giving both your body and brain a boost… Worried about the caffeine in your morning cup of

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