Stay abreast of the ways in which you can increase and maintain your flow of milk A NURSING MOM’S BIGGEST WORRY IS whether or not she’s making enough milk for baby. We’ve gathered 10 tips to help ramp up your production. (These points are not intended to substitute medical advice,Read More →

High dose vitamin C shortens colds – research Vitamin C supplementation may shorten the duration of colds, research shows. Analysing two randomized trials, scientists from the University of Helsinki, Finland, found that compared to placebo, 8g of vitamin C administered on the first day of the cold shortened its durationRead More →

Pregnancy brings so many changes to your body—some good and some not-so-good—that you may be tempted to just put your feet up and move as little as possible. Resist that temptation! Getting up and moving while pregnant offers a world of benefits to you and your growing baby. Regular, moderateRead More →

Bearing children is one of those ‘things’ to which we as women are expected by society to aspire. I’ve been in the middle of a group of women where someone was trying to express her trepidation and concern about what was about to happen, but was shut down with aRead More →