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art8The Rooibos plant
Rooibos Tea is produced from the plant
Aspalathus linearis which is a leguminous
shrub that is unique to the Cederberg
Mountains around the town of Clanwilliam
and indigenous to the Western Cape of
South Africa. It forms part of the Cape
Floral Kingdom, commonly known as
fynbos, and grows nowhere else in the
What Rooibos can do for you
Rooibos contains a complex mix of many
flavonoids (compounds widely found in
plants that are known to have health
benefits). Rooibos is naturally caffeine free
and contains no additives, preservatives,
colourings or oxalic acid.
Rooibos has a number of impressive health
Low in Tannins – Unlike many teas,
Rooibos is naturally low in harmful tannins.
Tannins can interfere with iron absorption,
particularly in populations of individuals
with marginal iron status. These include
infants and toddlers, teenage girls,
pre-menopausal women, elderly men and
Caffeine free – Rooibos is naturally
caffeine free and therefore does not need
to undergo extensive processing.
Traditionally, leaves from the Rooibos
bushes were harvested and then crushed
using primitive tools and left in heaps to
ferment before drying in the sun. Today,
plants are cultivated and the production
process has been refined without losing
the unique process and heritage to
guarantee the best quality in every cup.
Health professionals in South Africa
suggest Rooibos for people suffering with
irritability, headaches, disturbed sleep
patterns, insomnia, nervous tension, mild
depression or hypertension because it is
caffeine free and appears to have a
soothing effect on the central nervous
Source of antioxidants – Rooibos
contains naturally occurring antioxidants, a
group of vitamins, minerals and plant
substances or photochemicals which help
protect the body against free radicals.
Damage to cells by free radicals is thought
to be partly to blame for chronic diseases
such as cancer, heart diseases and ageing.
It is the naturally occurring antioxidants in
Rooibos that excites scientists and health
professionals around the world, with
research being undertaken to identify the
particular health benefits of Rooibos. To
date no adverse effects of drinking Rooibos
have been reported.


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