We Grow


art1Apart from your child
perhaps having special needs, you may not
have a support system or the finances to
provide for him or her as you would like.
There are times when you’re going to have
to make sacrifices. There’ll be times you’ll
feel as if you’ve lost your own identity, and
only the role of ‘mom’ exists.
But let’s be pragmatic about this child
who’s either about to enter your life or has
already turned everything upside down.
Yes, your life is going to change and the
following is probably what you’ll
experience and learn on this journey:
Without consciously thinking about it,
we’ve set ourselves ideas of what we want
for, and in, a child. Who your child is or
will become is nowhere close to what you
think. It’s fine! You may not be exactly
what your own parents thought you’d be!


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