Ready to go: For the best feeding experience at home and in public for both you and baby, here are the essentials for your breastfeeding wardrobe


here once was a time when
a baby, a breast and an
experienced granny were
all that was needed to feed
successfully! As families drifted apart
and breastfeeding declined, the supply
of knowledgeable breastfeeding helpers
dwindled. If problems arose… well,
there was always someone eager to give
baby a bottle.
Commitment runs high among today’s
breastfeeding mothers. And because more
women are now breastfeeding in a variety
of medical situations and lifestyles,
numerous aids and clothing items are now
available to make breastfeeding easier and
more enjoyable. (Just have a look at the
massage pads in our Best Buys for Moms!)
Your breastfeeding wardrobe should
include the following:
• bras for breastfeeding (at least three)
• breast pads
• clothes in which you can breastfeed
• a baby sling


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