Taking responsibility for your ageing parents is often a challenging time; open and honest discussion is important for everyone involved. Whether you’re 16 or 46, your parents are always going to be your parents. It’s hard to imagine...


Making a conscious choice. Your choice will make the world of difference to your child’s development. American motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said there is a big difference in the words ‘react’ and ‘respond’. ‘Just imagine going to the doctor...

How to prepare your daughter to deal with her hormones.

Parenting teenagers can be daunting, and because this sneaks up on you sooner than you think, it’s wise to prepare for this milestone early, ie while your daughter’s a tween – or before her hormones kick in and turn her...

Treat Dry Skin With These Winter Saviours

Suffering from dry skin? You’re not alone. A recent study in the British Journal of Dermatology noted that many people suffer more from dry skin in winter because the harsh climatic changes affects our skin’s natural...

The Juice Diet

Fruit and vegetable juices are a great vitality boost so if you’re planning to start a Juice Diet Plan to slim down for your next holiday or ahead of a special event, not only will you...

Tips you need to know about toddler swimming safety

When summer starts to heat up, there’s nothing better than heading to the pool or beach with your family to go cool off. But...

Kid Safety – Teach Them to Buckle Up

According to a study by Safe Kids Worldwide, car crashes are a leading cause of death for children in the United States. However, 1 in...

Why family planning matters for maternal deaths and child survival

Family planning improves child survival and reduces maternal deaths. But the uptake of family planning in Africa is only 33%, nearly half the world...

Are all sweeteners safe during pregnancy?

It’s well known that excess sugar is bad for your health, and contrary to popular belief most sweeteners have been deemed safe for pregnancy...

Giving your baby solid food early won’t help them sleep better

Professor of Child Public Health, Swansea University New research claims that giving babies solid foods at just three months old will help them sleep. Though this...

Breastfeeding is not ‘easy’ – stop telling new mothers that it is

It’s difficult to talk about breastfeeding in a productive way right now. On the one hand, the UK’s breastfeeding rates are so low, that...

True Story

Research shows it’s more beneficial for dad, rather than mom, to read to a child, writes Dorothy Ewels Bedtime story duty was typically shared between...

Baby Steps

DR LIN DAY explains how baby learns to roll over, and the importance of tummy time. Rolling over is an extremely important milestone in your...


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