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5 benefits of sulphate-free hair care

Anyone with an interest in hair care is bound to have come across the term ‘sulphate-free’. But what exactly are sulphates, and why are they bad for your hair?

Sulphates are synthetic chemicals found in thousands of products including beauty and hair care, personal care as well as household cleaning goods. A type of detergent, they’re known to be excellent at removing oil and grease, which is why they’re a popular ingredient in items like dishwashing liquid.

Because sulphates are so good at cleaning, they’re also a popular ingredient used in shampoo. The only problem is that while they work hard to remove oil and impurities, they are very dehydrating, and can strip the hair and the scalp of natural moisture in the process. This leads to dryness, irritation and weaker hair, which could eventually lead you down the path of breakage. 

From the very start, Hask has been dedicated to providing hard-working hair care products that do no harm. Known for its clean formulas and hair-loving ingredients, Hask does not include any sulphates in its hair care products, making them safer and better for your hair, as well as for the environment. Rather, Hask utilises high-quality ingredients that are not only safe but also nourishing. The products are free from not only sulphates but also parabens, phthalates, gluten and aluminium starch.  

A sulphate-free favourite among thousands of women (and plenty of Hollywood hairstylists!), Hask has quickly become a favourite among South African women, too. And now you can locate your favourite Hask products more conveniently. As from April 2024, Hask will be available at three major South African retailers: Dis-Chem, Clicks and takealot.com. This means Hask now enjoys greater availability, making it easier for customers to purchase their favourite products.

Hask highlights five reasons it’s time to go sulphate-free:

Hair retains more moisture

Sulphates are drying and are known to strip hair from the natural oils the scalp produces to moisturise. If your hair is prone to dryness, products containing sulphates may worsen the problem. When you opt for a sulphate-free shampoo, it’ll remove grease and impurities gently without stripping away natural oils and irritating the scalp. Try Hask Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo, which not only cleanses hair but also helps strengthen weak strands to their former glory.  

Less scalp irritation

Sulphate shampoos strip away the oils produced naturally by the scalp, which may lead to a dry scalp. This dryness could eventually lead to flaking (often mistaken for dandruff), as well as itchiness, sensitivity and discomfort. Because sulphate-free shampoos do not strip the scalp of this moisture, they are a better option for anyone prone to sensitivity or dry skin. Try Hask Sensitive Care Fragrance Free Shampoo, which gently cleanses and removes impurities without causing irritation or discomfort. It’s formulated with a soothing blend of oat extract and pro-vitamin B5 to help protect and moisturise for healthy-looking hair and happy-feeling skin.

Hair colour lasts longer

Sulphates take a heavy toll on colour-treated hair. The compounds can make hair colour fade faster and are known to make blonde hair brassy and dull. If you colour your hair, sulphate-free shampoo is a must. Try Hask Color Care Color Protection Shampoo, which nourishes and revives colour-treated hair, restoring vital moisture to help keep hair strong and colour brilliant. If you colour your hair blonde, you may want to try Hask Blonde Care Purple Toning Shampoo. This highly pigmented violet shampoo gently cleanses while neutralising dull, yellow and brassy tones for a cooler shade of blonde. 

It’s better for the environment

The fewer sulphates used in personal care products, the fewer sulphates wash into the water system, polluting the environment. Sulphates are synthetic chemicals that do not belong in our water systems or in the ocean. Choosing sulphate-free is a better option for the environment and marine life. 

It reduces frizz

When sulphates strip the hair of oil and it becomes dry, it is much more likely to frizz. However, they go one step further: Sulphates lift the hair’s cuticle, making your hair even more likely to frizz than it would be were it just dry. Avoid the problem by sticking to a sulphate-free regime, from shampoo to conditioner and mask. Try Hask Curl Care Moisturizing Shampoo and Detangling Conditioner for a regime that hydrates and protects your curl texture from damage and frizz. 

If you’ve yet to go sulphate-free, now is the time! Your hair will thank you for it. 

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