5 tissue oil benefits that prove it’s the most versatile skincare product

When it comes to skincare products, versatility is becoming increasingly more important. Let’s face it: Most of us shop for beauty products on a budget, and if one product can perform more than one purpose, there’s a bigger likelihood that we’ll add it to our basket.

Tissue oil is one such example, and most beauty experts agree that its multipurpose nature sets it apart from other skincare products. From managing scars, to moisturising dry skin, to restoring dehydrated hair, it seems there is very little this multitasker can’t do.

But just how versatile is it? We turned to Bramley Cosmetics – whose extensive range of tissue oils is the number-one selling in South Africa – to highlight some of the benefits you can expect.

Here are five tissue oil benefits that showcase its versatility:

Minimised scars and stretch marks

Did you know that when applied daily to a scar or stretch mark, tissue oil has the ability to fade it and make it less noticeable? That’s why doctors often recommend massaging scars with tissue oil once the wound has healed. When massaged into dark or purple stretch marks, it helps the stretch mark fade and become less noticeable, faster.

Moisturised skin

Tissue oil is an intensely moisturising product that can be applied all over the body to combat dryness. It’s even effective in moisturising particularly dry areas that need extra TLC, such as the knees and elbows. Apply it on its own, or mix a few drops into your body lotion before massaging into your skin. Your skin will immediately feel softer and nourished, and after a couple of days you’ll notice a major improvement in its moisture content.

Improved firmness and elasticity

Tissue oil has the ability to enhance the functionality of the skin’s moisture barrier. It works as an emollient to seal in moisture and prevent water loss. In the process, the skin’s water-holding capacity is improved, and with the added water and oil locked into the skin, its firmness and elasticity is improved. Firmer, more elastic skin looks more youthful and has a smoother texture – bonus!

Stronger nails and softer cuticles

Dry cuticles and slow-growing, weak nails are a common problem, especially during winter. Gently massage some tissue oil into your cuticles and nail beds every night and see a major difference! Tissue oil moisturises cuticles, leaving them softer (and easier to push back), plus it helps restore brittle nails and help them to grow stronger.

Restored hair and scalp

If you suffer from a dry or itchy scalp, you can add some tissue oil to your conditioner for a rich oil treatment. Alternatively, apply tissue oil to your hair as a deep hair treatment, wrap in a towel and leave for a few minutes before washing it out thoroughly.

How do you know which tissue oil is best for you? The general consensus is to look for a product that contains good quality ingredients and that is reasonably priced. South Africans know a thing or two about getting value for their money, and they’ve made Bramley’s Tissue Oil the number-one selling brand in the country.

Made with Bramley’s signature Bio-Pharm oil and vitamin E, Bramley Tissue Oils are available in a variety of lightly fragranced scents. Suitable for everyday use on all skin types, these oils can be enjoyed by the whole family. Plus, they work hard without breaking the bank. You can enjoy the benefits of a Bramley Tissue Oil for as little as R29.99 for 100ml. Plus, they’re locally made and cruelty-free. What a winning combo!

Take advantage of this upcoming Shoprite special to stock up on your favourite Bramley Tissue Oil: From 22 July to 4 August 2024, you can get Bramley Tissue Oils in Cocoa Heaven, Magnolia, Pink Musk and Lavender (100ml) for R19.99 each!

Bramley products are available at PEP Stores nationwide, Clicks, Shoprite, Checkers, Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay, Spar and selected wholesale stores.

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