5 ways to maximise your holiday shares or points

Since the 1980s, holiday ownership has remained a steadfast choice for families seeking flexibility and affordability when it comes to their getaway experiences.

While some hospitality groups continue to follow the traditional holiday ownership model, a refreshing paradigm shift has been initiated by pioneers like ekko, which has reimagined this archetype as more than just an annual getaway. By coupling loyalty and lifestyle benefits with the cherished holiday tradition, ekko has introduced next-level living for its members.

Whether you opt for the classic model or embrace the ekko approach, Samantha Pillay, director at ekko, shares five ways to maximise your holiday shares and unlock a world of unforgettable adventures:

1. Understand your membership

The first step to getting the most out of your holiday shares is to familiarise yourself with the rules, terms and conditions. By fully understanding how it works, you can leverage your holiday, lifestyle and travel privileges to the fullest. ekko, for example, offers more than just accommodation; you also get access to discounted dining, coffee, movies, cruises, airfare, car rentals and other activities.

2. Book early

To secure your dream holiday, it’s crucial to plan well in advance and book your accommodation as early as possible. Popular destinations and peak seasons tend to fill up quickly, making early bookings essential to ensure you get the dates you desire. While flexibility is valuable, last-minute bookings often come with limited availability and may require more shares for reservations.

3. Be flexible

Flexibility opens the door to myriad travel opportunities. Consider adjusting your travel dates or exploring alternative destinations that are equally exciting. By being open to making some adjustments, you can find greater accommodation availability and tailor your holidays to suit your preferences.

4. Book off-peak

Travelling during off-peak season is a savvy strategy to make the most of your shares. During these periods, accommodation is more readily available, and your shares can stretch further – allowing you to indulge in more holidays throughout the year.

5. Take advantage of discount breaks

Some memberships often offer promotions and cash discounts. ekko, for example, offers an exclusive cash option called Xtra Discount Breaks, providing members with incredible discounts. By using this feature, you can save your shares for bigger and better holidays while enjoying fantastic savings on a weekend away.

“By understanding your membership, planning ahead, staying flexible and taking advantage of exclusive offers, you can unlock all the benefits of your membership,” Pillay concludes.

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