A year-end investment guide – unwrap your financial potential

Have you received some extra money, whether it’s a bonus, 13th cheque, inheritance or dividend? Wondering where and how to invest? SV Capital, a South African investment company led by dynamic partners Ayanda Majola and Kagiso Tloubatla, is here to ensure you’re equipped with the right knowledge and tools to make the most of your investments as this year draws to a close.

The two visionaries turned best friends turned business partners are on a mission to demystify investments, making them accessible, personal and, above all, relatable to everyday South Africans.

Majola and Tloubatla share their top 5 tips for optimising your investments at the end of this year:

1. Start now, start small

Tloubatla says: “Start now, start small and make saving one of your New Year’s resolutions. Waiting for the ‘perfect moment’ or amassing ‘sufficient capital’ should not deter you from taking the first step. For example, with as little as R500 per month (or much, much more), you can begin by investing in our Cattle Investment product, which boasts an impressive average return of 14.57% per annum.” The best time to start investing is now, and you don’t need a hefty sum to get going. Small, incremental investments can be scaled up as you gain more confidence and financial stability.

2. Diversify your bonus 

If you’re fortunate enough to receive a year-end bonus, Majola suggests diversifying your investment portfolio. This strategy offers a balanced risk profile and access to robust sectors in the market. She says: “The principle of diversification – essentially, not putting all your eggs in one basket – remains a cornerstone of intelligent investing. As an investor, you can unlock superior returns by tapping into different return profiles for each product. When brought together, you could be looking at an attractive return on investment.”

3. Don’t limit yourself to traditional investment products

SV Capital encourages exploring innovative options that can yield superior returns that bring you closer to your financial goals. Majola says: “Conventional investment portfolios can be antiquated. We choose to work only with relatable and relevant investment products. People are becoming more comfortable with alternative investments; this kind of portfolio brings a different flavour. It’s not about stocks and shares anymore – it’s about accessible funds with a positive social impact.”

4. Get on the fast track with a Delivery Bike Investment

One of SV Capital’s fastest growing investment portfolios is its Delivery Bike Investment, which has seen a remarkable return of 19.25% over an 18-month period. With the rise of South Africa’s gig economy, the delivery bike sector is rapidly expanding in South Africa, contributing not only to competitive returns but also to job creation within the country. By investing in delivery bikes, you’re growing your wealth and supporting local economies. “Through this particular investment, we’ve facilitated the creation of over 300 jobs, serving popular platforms like UberEats and MrD, among others,” says Majola.

5. Remember that investing matters, even in hard times

Investing is not just for prosperous times; it’s a strategy for achieving enduring financial stability in the future and preserving wealth to get you through the tough times. Majola emphasises that disciplined investment practices, even in unstable economic phases, can build wealth and provide a safety net for the future. These small, consistent contributions can accumulate into a significant financial buffer over time. She says: “I was always taught to save for a rainy day. As a result, I’ve come to respect money, but I am also not fearful of it. Money must work for me.”

Giving South Africans the simple way to start now, start small

Inclusivity is a cornerstone of SV Capital’s approach, ensuring investment opportunities are accessible to all. Tloubatla says: “Investments should never be reserved for the elite or academic; we believe in simplifying investments so that everyone in the room can learn and aspire; from children and grandchildren to parents and gogos, this is an exciting journey everyone can go on.”

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