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Mother & Child is aimed at the modern mother who wants to make informed choices and achieve a healthy balance for her family. Mother & Child delivers uplifting stories, expert advice and useful tips on everything from birth to education, health, as well as reporting on the latest fashion and beauty trends.
Mother & Child is a bi-monthly publication and is available nationwide through selected news agencies.

Where to find Mother & Child:
• Major Newsstands Nationwide
• Trade shows & Exhibitions

Who reads Mother & Child
• Female readership between the ages of 21 – 42.
• Expectant mothers, mothers of newborn babies & young children and parents-to-be.
• LSM 6-10, are decision makers in respect of baby and home products, are high consumers of branded goods and are discerning and critical buyers.
• Interested in a healthy pregnancy, baby products and services. Quality of life, fashion and beauty.

To Advertise in our publication, contact us or give us a call on +27 021 418 3090

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