The cover of the book Domestic Terror by Nechama Brodie

BOOK: Domestic Terror

In fatal domestic violence, the killing act is usually not the first time violence has been used against a partner. It’s just the last.

Every day, more than three women in South Africa are murdered by their intimate partners: the person often sleeps next to them, shares a house, a life, children…

Domestic Terror: Intimate partner violence in South Africa reflects on the South African women subjected to unimaginable periods of fear and terror, who endured sustained physical, emotional and psychological attacks. Many of these women tried to leave, or fought back against their abuser. Some succeeded, escaping to safety. Others died with their protection orders still in their handbags.

Dr Nechama Brodie explores decades of brutal domestic violence and coercive control, and examines women’s changing rights and current legal protections. While South Africa’s law and the Constitution protect women’s rights to life, equity, dignity, privacy and security on paper, Brodie shows how the state is still failing to protect them.

Dr Brodie is a journalist, author and academic. She has worked as an editor, publisher of magazines, a radio talk show host, a TV writer, director, and has written for many newspapers. She is a lecturer at the Wits Centre for Journalism and is acting co-ordinator of the Wits Justice Project. She is the author of nine books.

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