Celebrate World Water Day with water-saving technologies

Every year, World Water Day (22 March) reminds us of this precious resource and the importance of conserving it. As a part of the Hansgrohe Group, sustainable thinking and action are deeply rooted in the hansgrohe brand. Many of its products are outfitted with resource-saving technologies.

hansgrohe’s path of green transformation already began as early as 1987 with the Mistral Eco hand-held shower. It made it possible to save 50% of water when showering.

The use phase of a hand shower is the most carbon-intensive by far, with roughly 1 000 times more CO2 emitted than during production. That is why the brand has set itself the task of converting its entire shower and mixer portfolio to “ECO” by 2030. The Hansgrohe Group defines “ECO” as the reduction of water and/or energy consumption of water-bearing products in use by at least 22% compared to the base year 2020.

Since the early 2000s, hansgrohe has been using innovative technologies like EcoSmart and CoolStart to dramatically reduce water and energy consumption without compromising on comfort or performance.

Saving water and money, shower after shower

EcoSmart, true to its name, is good for both the environment and your wallet. Here’s how:

  • Reduced water consumption – to up to 8 litres/min for overhead and hand showers (green products go even further, using as little as 6 litres per minute). Mixers also benefit, needing just 5 litres per minute with EcoSmart, and even less with EcoSmart+ (4 litres per minute at 3 bar).
  • Energy savings – Less hot water translates to less energy required to heat it. This means lower energy bills and reduced CO2 emissions.

Saving energy with every hand wash

Standard mixers often deliver hot water by default, even when you only need cold. hansgrohe’s CoolStart technology tackles this issue. With CoolStart, the lever handle is positioned for cold water in its centre position. Hot water only flows when you deliberately turn the handle to the left. This simple yet effective solution helps you avoid wasting energy on unintended hot water usage. The result: fewer resources, CO2 emissions and energy costs. Good for the environment and your wallet!

Committed to a sustainable future

hansgrohe is committed to continuous improvement. It has set a goal to convert its entire portfolio of showers and mixers to ECO by 2030. This is a plan that the brand will implement consistently over the next few years. In concrete terms, this means that by 2030, all water-carrying AXOR and hansgrohe products will be available exclusively with water- and energy-saving technologies. Already today, the EcoSmart technology-equipped products reduce water and energy consumption by up to 60%.

By choosing hansgrohe, you’re not just getting a luxurious shower or mixer; you’re making a conscious decision to conserve water and protect the environment by choosing the EcoSmart version.

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