Choose Flo Baby nasal spray or drops for your baby

When choosing a nasal spray for you precious little one, there are quite a few things to consider.

Is it gentle enough?  Will it burn or sting? Is it convenient to use?  Is it cost effective?  Is it safe to use? And most important of all, does it actually work?

Flo Baby ticks all these boxes.


Flo Baby is a gentle metered, micro-mist that will not traumatize your little one unlike a harsh aerosolised type spray.

Burn or Sting?

Preservatives usually cause a burning or stinging sensation in the nose.  Flo Baby is preservative-free, so you can administer Flo Baby with peace of mind that your little one will not be hurt in the process.


Administering a nasal spray to a baby can be a difficult task, holding your little one upright, trying not to push the nozzle too far up their tiny nose, pushing the nozzle down whilst trying to keep your little ones head upright …. Phew!!!

Flo Baby has an easy thumb press action, that …… wait for it ….. SPRAYS AT ANY ANGLE, so baby can be lying down, on his/her side, upside down, ANY angle.


The thought is, that the bigger the bottle, the more sprays – this was proven to be incorrect by a spray for spray test.  Flo Baby is a metered micro-mist, that gives you more than 100 sprays, making it far more cost-effective than other nasal sprays.

Safety First

Flo Baby is a natural solution and can be used as often as needed, even from as early as new born.


Flo contains extra minerals required in the nose, so even though it is natural and gentle, Flo is very effective in clearing a blocked nose.

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