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Healing through play

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In a world of imagination, children are the most powerful creators. Suddenly a cardboard box is a magical vehicle for extraordinary adventures; a makeshift tent of blankets and chairs becomes a cave with a sleeping bear inside. For many of the little patients at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, all they dream of is being healthy and happy again, to be with their families and to play with their friends.

As part of the planning process of the extension and redevelopment of the Emergency Centre, a dream Therapeutic Playground has been designed with the aim to heal children through play. This R17.5 million worth project will commence in 2022 and will be completed over a period of 12 months.

An inclusive play area addresses the fundamental needs of recovering patients – most importantly their right to play which immediately reduces anxiety, along with the need for physical, cognitive, social and sensory development. These are just a few of the benefits to a holistic healing approach.

Between December 2021 and January 2022, the Children’s Hospital Trust aims to raise R 2 million in aid of the overall target and making this dream playground a reality. Every child has dreams and we are here to make sure their dreams to be healthy again come true!

Join the Children’s Hospital Trust to create a play area for children who need it most. Your donations will go toward:

  1. Developing a safe and stimulating new play area and garden outside the main entrance to the Hospital that will cater for children of all ages and abilities, including outpatients, their caregivers and other family members (siblings etc.), as well as inpatients who are well enough to leave the ward with supervision.
  2. Upgrade the patient reception courtyard to a multi-purpose play area for patients who are awaiting services.
  3. Upgrade the courtyard adjacent to Occupational Therapy and the Neuro Developmental Clinic to an area that allows for therapeutic play as part of the rehabilitation process as well as a space to play while they wait for clinicians.
  4. Upgrade the play area at DCAP (specifically for the inpatients at the Therapeutic Learning Centre) to allow for therapeutic play during admission.

Donate today. 100% of your donations will go to help build this magical, interactive and colourful Therapeutic Playground where these little ones will heal and develop as they play. The playground will not only heal through play but provide each patient with an imaginary escape from the reality of their traumatic associations and experiences. Play is the best way to build trust and confidence again.

They will play again, because of you. They will laugh again, because of you. They will dream bigger, because of you.

Because of you, their dreams matter

Donate at: www.childrenshospitaltrust.org.za

WhatsApp: +27 (0) 71 22 44 777

Call: +27 (0) 21 686 7860

Email: cht@chtrust.org.za

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