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Creative landscaping projects: Artistic uses of brushcutters and trimmers

In the world of landscaping, brushcutters and trimmers are generally seen as essential tools for maintaining lawns and managing vegetation. However, beyond their practical applications, these tools can also be used as artistic instruments, offering several creative possibilities in outdoor spaces.

This is according to Wynand Lombaard, product & pricing specialist at Husqvarna South Africa. “Many gardeners are unaware of how diverse brushcutters and trimmers are and that they can also be employed to assist in artistic landscaping projects to transform gardens into works of art, no matter the size.”

Instead of viewing outdoor spaces as mere lawns to be trimmed, he suggests five ways to add a creative touch to your garden with the use of these versatile garden accessories:

1. Mosaic pathways

By skilfully trimming grass and creating patterns, brushcutters can be employed to design intricate mosaic pathways. The contrast of different shades of green and varying grass lengths adds depth and dimension, transforming ordinary paths into visual masterpieces.

2. Living sculptures

Trimmers, with their precision and finesse, are perfect for sculpting living artworks. From geometric shapes to imaginative figures, the meticulous control offered by trimmers allows you to create sculptures from hedges, transforming them into unique focal points within your garden.

3. Grass typography

Combi trimmers designed to work with various accessories, such as a grass blade, can be used to carve out letters and shapes on grass. Landscapers are increasingly leveraging this technique to spell out names and messages, or even to fashion intricate patterns that are visible only from an elevated vantage point.

4. Vertical gardens with a twist

Trimmers, typically used for edging, can take on a new role in creating vertical gardens with a twist. By carefully shaping hedges into intricate designs, vertical surfaces can be transformed into living tapestries, adding an artistic and green touch to walls and fences.

5. Sectional beauty

Landscaping projects become a literal canvas for artistic expression when brushcutters and trimmers are used to define sections, creating a vibrant interaction between manicured and natural areas. This technique adds a touch of deliberate and controlled chaos, inviting the viewer’s eyes to wander through a landscape designed with purpose.

“While these ideas may excite avid gardeners, the question for the uninitiated may well be how to go about undertaking an artistic landscaping project,” says Lombaard, who offers some practical tips:

1. Get inspired

If you are looking for initial ideas, gardening magazines, online platforms, visiting your local nursery and even a botanical garden or a home and garden show are great sources to get those creative juices flowing.

2. Start small

Starting with smaller projects allows for experimentation and the development of skills before tackling larger, more complex designs.

3. Choose the right tools

Different brushcutter blades and trimmer attachments offer diverse possibilities. Understanding the capabilities of each tool ensures optimal results.

4. Blend functionality with aesthetics

Artful gardening doesn’t mean sacrificing functionality. Striking a balance between practicality and aesthetics ensures the outdoor space remains both visually appealing and usable.

5. Regular maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is crucial to preserving the integrity of artistic designs. Regular trimming and shaping prevent overgrowth and help maintain the intended visual impact.

“The ‘humble’ trimmer and brushcutter, besides being indispensable in maintaining gardens, are must-haves if you want to turn outdoor spaces and gardens from ordinary to sublime and add some artistry to your surroundings,” he concludes.

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