Country Fresh Lemon Cream Flavoured Ice Cream

Dairymaid’s exciting addition to its Country Fresh line-up

Dairymaid, a revered name in the world of frozen delights, has introduced a delicious new flavour to its esteemed Country Fresh brand: Lemon Cream. 

As we eagerly embrace the warmth of summer, this delectable and creamy dessert is set to awaken taste buds and elevate any occasion.

With an enduring heritage spanning several decades, Dairymaid has consistently been synonymous with being passionate about ice cream making for the past 100 years. Lemon Cream introduces an exhilarating twist to its already impressive ice cream collection. 

Whether you’re commemorating a special birthday or savouring a well-deserved treat for yourself and your cherished ones, Country Fresh – the driving force behind Lemon Cream – is primed to turn these moments into unforgettable memories.

Manyathe Ramotsepe, Dairymaid’s senior brand manager, comments on this new flavour innovation: “As a brand, we aspire to be a part of all your meals – both your everyday and special occasion meals. Country Fresh aims to bring the fun and joy after family meals each day.”

With Lemon Cream leading the charge, Dairymaid’s Country Fresh brand continues to embody a quality product that focuses on smooth and creamy flavours for any occasion.

Consumers are encouraged to interact with the Country Fresh in-store competition where they will stand a chance to win weekly cash prizes of up to R10 000. Follow Country Fresh’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more competition updates and winner announcements.

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