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It’s magnetic

by Editor

MagWall is a high quality paint primer with metal properties that can transform walls, and other surfaces such as wood, into magnetic receptive surfaces. MagWall has a wide range of exciting magnetic products that can be used to create highly engaging, fun, educational and home environments.

Education: Magwall makes a range of education products to help children learn through active participation and play. Magwall’s ready-made educational products include alphabets and numbers, puzzles, shapes and colours, farm and wild animals, pets, sea life, insects, transport, seasons, words and emojis

Home: Products include magnetic puzzles, shapes and dominoes for the kids; magnetic whiteboards and write & wipe calendar planners for home offices and the kitchen, and magnetic paper for photo walls.

How to create your own magnetic wall:

  • Choose the space you want to use – a wall, cupboard or door in the kids’ rooms; a wall in the kitchen or family room. Make sure the surface you are going to paint is smooth and clean,
  • Paint the wall with Magwall magnetic primer. One litre/tin covers 2sq/m x 3 coats. It is important to paint three coats to ensure maximum magnetic receptiveness. Stir the paint before each coat until it is consistent throughout (5 minutes should do the trick)-
  • When the primer is dry, you can paint over it with any colour PVA paint or blackboard paint and it will still be magnetic receptive.
  • You are now ready to have fun on the wall with the wide range of exciting Magwall magnetic products.

To find out more, go to www.magwall.co.za or contact mike@magwall.co.za.

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