Ditch the socks – give dad the gift of self-care

This Father’s Day, let’s toss aside the predictable socks, gadgets and biltong. It’s time to spoil Dad with something that’ll make him feel like a million bucks – self-care! Yes, you read right. It’s high time we put some sparkle in Dad’s routine and show him that self-care isn’t just about spa days and bubble baths.

Why self-care, you ask? Because dads are often the unsung heroes, juggling work, family and everything in between. But even superheroes need a break. A little self-care can work wonders for his health, happiness – and even his glow! And who wouldn’t want their dad shining brighter than his favourite golf club?

Forget the neckties and power tools. How about a massage voucher to melt away his stress, or a subscription to a meditation app to keep him zen? Maybe a luxurious skincare set that’ll have him looking as dapper as George Clooney? These gifts aren’t just thoughtful; they’re a ticket to a happier, healthier dad. Which, of course, in turn makes your life so much happier. 

Self-care isn’t just about looking good – it’s about feeling good, too. Encouraging your dad to take time for himself can boost his mood, energy and even his immune system. Plus, a dad who practises self-care is more likely to stick around for all those future Father’s Days.

So, let’s make this Father’s Day a game-changer. Help your Dad discover the joys of self-care. He deserves to feel pampered, appreciated and loved. And who knows? You may just inspire him to start a new tradition of self-care that benefits the whole family. 

Consider a gift that keeps on giving long after the last piece of biltong is gone.

The Eco Man Grooming Mini Collection Set (R550)

The perfect starter set for the busy, conscious, discerning man who’s after natural, effective products with very little fuss and loads of skin nutrients for rejuvenation and proactive ageing. The mini set hosts three of Eco Diva’s bestselling products that offer seven different uses: from cleansing to shaving, moisturising to beard oil and beyond.

Good Gut Glow. Superfood Beauty Smoothie (R395)

The ultimate solution for a balanced gut and perfectly glowing skin. Certified organic, this delicious and nourishing shake is packed with a powerful blend of plant superfoods, prebiotics, plant protein and fibre, designed to support the natural balance of our gut microbiome. Each daily serving fuels your body with essential nourishment that promotes overall gut balance, increased energy, better sleep, healthy libido and a glowing skin from within. No added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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