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Curro Fourways Preschool your home away from home

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Curro Fourways Preschool is a home away from home for children from 3 months to 5 years in the heart of the trendy suburb of Fourways. It is a charming, well-established school. We have a heart for families and children and are firmly rooted in the community we serve. Our learning environments offer opportunities for collaboration and use an inquiry-based approach. Our spaces are designed to encourage collaboration and problem-solving.

Curro Fourways encourages loose-parts and open-ended play. Children themselves decide what to do, how to do it and what to use. For children who are immersed in it, open-ended play evolves in amazing ways. Initially, it consists of fluid experimentation. Over time it becomes increasingly purposeful as children start to plan what to act out or invent.

Loose-parts play is by its nature flexible and is determined by the child. They can build, explore and role play. Their constructions can be large or small and in any shape they choose. They might choose to play outdoors or indoors. It is a wondrous play experience for learning about mathematical concepts like size, shape, weight, height and gravity. It also helps children get to grips with measurements. By removing the constraints of plastic toys, children work on their creativity while developing fine and gross motor skills.

A toddler paying on a jungle gym with a printed spiderman long sleeve top and grey track pants.

For our younger children, we have a baby hub that provides a tranquil, reliable and secure environment, ensuring that your baby meets all its developmental milestones. Our learning spaces are safe and clean; our teachers are qualified and caring. 

What do we offer? 

  • Healthy, balanced meals
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Tranquil and secure learning environments 
  • Loose-parts and play-based curriculum
  • Dedicated teachers 
  • Open full-day, year-round
  • Small class sizes
  • Baby stimulation; motor and sensory development
  • Baby hub from 3 months old

Curro Fourways, 32 Swallow Drive, Norscot Slopes, Fourways, 011 023 5010, www.curro.co.za , info.fourways@curro.co.za

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