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Cuddlers® Growing South Africa’s smiles – one change at a time

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Cuddlers® Growing South Africa’s smiles – one change at a time
Nobody understands the changing needs of South African mums, dads and babies like Cuddlers® does. For almost 40 years, we’ve been the companion to a generation of parents and their babies. We’ve been there for the smiles, gurgles, giggles, laughs, and every moment in between with our trusted range of nappies, pants and wipes. But, as the ONLY South African nappy brand available in all major retailers, we believe we have an even more important role to play in the lives of parents and babies in our communities. Help us by supporting local, and buying Cuddlers®.

Bringing premium features to your budget
It’s only natural, every mother wants the best for her precious little one. But, we know that can be hard when you’re juggling money to make ends meet. Cuddlers® takes our status as a super-value brand seriously, and constantly explores innovative ways to incorporate premium features into an affordable product range designed to suit any budget. Most recently, we have introduced our Dual-Stretch™ technology for improved fit and comfort. This, along with our absorbency that provides dryness for up to 12 hours, mans that Cuddlers nappies perform as well as the market leading nappy.

Bringing baby care to our communities
We’ve learnt a lot about baby care since we started proudly manufacturing our South African nappies, and we’re sharing it with mums and dads in communities across the country. Over the years, our Cuddlers® educators have reached hundreds of thousands of expectant and new parents in public hospitals and clinics. They shared simple, but invaluable information on nappy care, bathing, developmental milestones and the role of massage in baby health and development with mums who may not have access to, or cannot afford antenatal classes.

Why do we do it? Because, as the Happy Baby Company, we see it as our mission to help prepare South African parents for all the changes and delights that becoming a parent will bring. We’re all about #GrowingOurSmiles together and celebrating the unique journey of adventure, laughter and discovery that is part of becoming a parent in South Africa.

The Cuddlers® range includes disposable nappies, pull-up pants, and wet wipes.

Cuddlers® is made by National Pride (Pty) Ltd.


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