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Mimbee kids Bio

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Mimbee kids, now represented in nearly 200 stores in Southern Africa, continues to grab attention with the fun range of not only bright, colourful and crazy watches, but now kiddie’s foldable animal sunnies and gifting items too.

The base product that forged Mimbee’s success over the past 4 years would have to be the character slap watches. There’s Bella butterfly, Robbie race car, Pete the plane, Sammy starfish amongst a number of Mimbee, our main mascot’s, colourful watch gang.

Made of durable but soft silicon, these watches are perfect for little fingers. They’re oh so fun to slap on and add some instant colour and flair to an everyday outfit. Let’s not forget their main function! They tell you the time….and if you’re a kid that doesn’t yet know how to do that, the assortment of Timeteach watches are the perfect go to.

There are 5 varieties of Timeteach watch and you’re bound to find one that suits your personality. The styling of 3 of these educational watches are low key enough to be allowed at school with your uniform.

The Timeteach dial has been specially developed to show and teach a child the way to tell the time, one side divided into “TO” and the other side “PAST”. Easy peasy.

The latest 2 designs to join the Timeteach range are full of glitz and bling – any girl will just die to get her hands on one of them. There is both a silver option, as well as a rose gold option – super trendy and the perfect accessory for your party dress.

If you are already a long-term fan of Mimbee and the assortment of product in stores, you may notice the revamp he’s undergoing!

With some fresh new branding, the cool colouring of both the Mimbee packaging and in store merchandise stands, really makes the product POP and make an IMPACT in stores where sensory overload is sure to abound.

The team at Mimbee is growing thanks to all your support and are now able to more regularly share exciting new points of interest, get you involved and active over the holidays, and give you the opportunity to win more Mimbee product of your very own!

When Mimbee was created, the goal in our design lab was to inspire and encourage wonder from our customers by delivering unique, colourful watches and accessories that were affordable.

Check out the ever-evolving range at all Toys r Us stores, Game stores, amongst a number of other independent stores nationwide. Price points start around R69.00 upwards.




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