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Let Justine care for you while you care for baby

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You’re probably experiencing a few changes to your skin as your bundle of joy grows inside of you. Stretch marks, scars, pigmentation and sensitivity to the sun are just some of them.

Justine has improved its Tissue Oil formula to help give your skin the care it needs throughout every stage of your pregnancy. It’s now formulated with micro algae, a revolutionary ingredient known for its anti-ageing and antioxidant properties. It is this ingredient that makes Justine Tissue Oil work twice as fast to give you flawless skin in just half the time. It’s also been clinically and dermatologically tested to be safe for use before, during and after pregnancy. 

It is the stretching of your skin and tearing of your skin’s elastic fibres, which results in stretch marks. It is a sign that your baby is growing as it should. But stretch marks do not have to be a permanent thing. Justine Tissue Oil helps soften and elasticise skin, improve its texture, reduce wrinkles and most importantly, helps reduce the look of scars and stretch marks in 2 weeks. *

It also helps reduce the look of sun damage, fade scars and restore skin’s natural beauty in 2 weeks,** taking care of some of those other pregnancy symptoms you are experiencing.

Justine is a brand you can trust. They have been around for more than 40 years, formulated their products with the best botanical ingredients and tested it in a lab so you can be assured you are getting the best.

Visit www.justine.co.za to order your Justine Tissue Oil today

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