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Tea4Kidz shares edutaining activities to keep kids busy during the national lockdown

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School holidays often place pressure on parents and caregivers who are looking to entertain young children, and the situation has been made quite a bit tougher by the restrictions outlined by the national lockdown in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. As a community-driven brand, Tea4Kidz has put together a comprehensive list of engaging activities for parents and caregivers that will keep children playing, learning and growing at home through this uncertain time.


“These are unprecedented times, during which we will all have to accept a new normal. Being confined to home or the indoors can be particularly challenging and overwhelming for parents and caregivers tasked with keeping their kids entertained for the extended school holiday,” Tea4Kidz Marketing Manager, Candice Sessions, noted. “However, this time also provides as with a unique opportunity to do things differently; to embrace the opportunity for quality time with our kids without many of the usual distractions; and to share in fun activities that we don’t always find the time to do under normal circumstances.”


Getting some exercise


It’s important that children stay active during this time as a healthy body means a healthy mind. Fortunately, there are lots of entertaining activities that encourage physical movement without it necessarily feeling like exercise.


  • Have an indoor dance party playing some of your children’s (and your) favourite hits!
  • Go on a nature trail walk in the garden with a list of items to find (yellow leaf, pine cone, stone, snail, etc).
  • Make an obstacle course through the house and time the children completing the course. This could include climbing under chairs, jumping over toys and even crawling stealthily through a maze of ribbons placed between two walls.
  • Prepare a treasure hunt throughout the house or garden, hiding anything from golf balls to treats. Children can then race around trying to find them in record time.


Learning life skills


This is a great opportunity to make your children more independent individuals who will eventually leave the home, empowered with the skills to succeed in the world.


  • Let your children help out in the kitchen and tailor the tasks to the age level. You can try anything from simply making a peanut butter sandwich through to baking a cake. Make this more educational by getting children to measure the quantities of ingredients. For some great kid-friendly recipes, visit www.more4momz.com
  • A must-know life skill is sewing on a button, so get hold of any spare buttons and get threading!
  • Who said the laundry is your responsibility? Show the children how to get the clothes cleaned, dried and folded – you can add in some educational elements such as measuring the laundry detergent and separating clothes into various colours.
  • Changing a car tyre is an essential life skill – for adults and children – so find your inner-mechanic this holiday!


Getting creative


Don’t forget about developing your children through imaginative play. There are so many activities that will keep them entertained for ages.


  • For a rainy day, you can’t get better than building a fort. Get out sheets, string, blankets and pillows and create a safe space for reading and drinking hot chocolate.
  • Get children to create puppet characters – you can use anything from brown paper bags to socks – and then put on a show.
  • Let the children raid your cupboard, get dressed up, and plan a theatrical performance for the family to watch.
  • Recycle waste by letting children do art and crafts using old egg boxes, milk cartons, yoghurt tubs and toilet rolls.
  • Card games are a great way to keep children entertained while also teaching them valuable skills. Tea4Kidz has provided downloadable character cards and a list of fun card games at http://more4momz.com/activities/downloads-for-kids/learning-through-play-with-tea4kidz-and-card-games


We live in a wonderful age of innovative online content for children. Tea4Kidz has compiled a list of great ideas and content we’ve discovered online at www.more4momz.com. The site also shares downloadable activity sheets and delicious recipes that will keep kids – and adults – coming back for more.


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