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The Loved by Nature stamp of approval.

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There is no better time than now to be kinder to ourselves and our planet. The impact that we’ve made on this earth thus far hasn’t been a great one, and mother earth has sorely felt the effects of this. As devasting as this may seem not all hope is lost, we can all work together to make a change for the better by introducing simple eco alternatives into our day-to-day lives. These simple changes will not only help us today but benefit generations to come – So enters Loved by Nature.

Loved by Nature was founded on the need to provide natural and safe alternatives to everyday must haves and make them available to purchase online. The story began in 2014 when entrepreneurs Nick Stein, Richard Frankel & Herschel Aronstan came across an Australian-born organic bamboo clothing & underwear brand and decided to bring it to the sunny shores of South Africa.

Boody was the first ethically sourced and environmentally friendly product that was introduced but it wasn’t long before they realised that they were not alone in their passion for the environment and that more South Africans were looking for eco-responsible products and were becoming more conscious about how brands are being manufactured and the effects they have on our planet. It was at this point that the trio became hooked on sourcing more natural products that are healthier for our bodies and kinder to our environment.

As a parent you want to give your little ones only the best and with Loved by Nature you can. Loved by Nature brings you awesome natural, ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly products. Every product you find on the website has been carefully checked and given the Loved by Nature stamp of approval. Every product that is offered must meet the requirements of their 5 brand values on which the business was built. These values are:

  • Cruelty Free – Cruelty Free production is non-negotiable to us. No known or suspected testing done on animals.
  • Naturally Good – Whether it’s the natural ingredients or the raw materials used, all products are good for you and our earth.
  • Kind to All – We provide you with shopping choices that are kindest to the environment and you.
  • Healthy for you, friendly to our Earth – Not only are our products good for you but they make our planet smile too.
  • Ethical and Sustainable – Our products are ethically sourced and manufactured to preserve and uplift both the planet and people.

The Loved by Nature team are passionate about living out what they believe and continue to source and add eco-friendly products that you can trust and have been tried and tested before making them available on the Loved by Nature online store. The products that are available online range from eco oral care, natural hair care products for kids to skin and sun care products and more.

To get you started on your eco journey simply click the link http://lovedbynature.co.za sign up to the newsletter and receive 10% OFF. Make a simple switch today that your little ones will thank you for tomorrow. Get social with us by following us on Facebook @lovedbynaturesa and on Instagram @lovedbynature_sa.

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