An advert for Fanta's new apple pie flavour

Fanta unveils Apple Pie as the mystery flavour

The wait is over! Fanta in South Africa has revealed Apple Pie as the much-anticipated mystery flavour of the #WhatTheFanta campaign 2023, leaving everyone surprised and excited.

After months of exhilarating guesswork, adventurous sip-testing and endless fun, the mysterious limited-edition flavour is an unanticipated yet delightful Apple Pie. This distinctive flavour combines scrumptious dessert-inspired notes with an enticing purple hue.

“We have been thrilled by the response to our #WhatTheFanta campaign in South Africa. We know everyone loves a mystery flavour challenge, and our mission is to inject playfulness into the grey of the everyday. This fun flavour mystery got Fanta enthusiasts across South Africa involved, guessing and discussing what the mystery flavour could be,” says Ramokone Ledwaba, senior marketing director at Coca-Cola Africa. 

The thrilling #WhatTheFanta campaign offered more than just website clues. Consumers enjoyed a thrilling treasure hunt through the streets of Mzansi, finding novel Fanta clues at participating retailers. This campaign reached new heights with influencer collaborations, digital promotions, TV commercials and enticing instant wins. Prizes included vibrant purple Crocs, the latest iPhone 15, unique Airbnb experiences, vouchers and more!

The Apple Pie flavour perfectly embodies Fanta’s vibrant spirit, creating a wave of excitement through its dessert-themed flavour containing no sugar. True to Fanta’s legacy, it continues to encourage its fans to embrace a playful and adventurous outlook on life. 

Head out, grab a bottle of the limited edition deliciously mysterious Apple Pie – while stocks last – and keep the Fanta flavour festivities going. Join the fun on social media platforms, using the hashtag #WhatTheFanta.

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