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Faux the glow with these skincare hacks for summer

It’s holiday season, and we know what that means – it’s faux glow time! The sun is shining and the beaches are beckoning, but that doesn’t mean you should be outside soaking up the rays.

Faux glows can be achieved without hours in the sun or using a sunless tan; they can be easily achieved with a summer-friendly skincare regime that promotes clear and healthy skin – allowing you to live your best while looking your best! 

Natasha Davel from Fundamentals Skincare takes us through the top 6 summer hacks you need this holiday season:

  • Hack #1: Choose non-comedogenic products over everything. Non-comedogenic products don’t clog your pores and, as a result, reduce the appearance of blemishes by preventing the build-up of oil, dirt and sweat in your pores, which can cause breakouts, infections and other skin irritations.
  • Hack #2: Minimal is master. Due to the intense heat and humidity during the summer months, it’s always recommended to practise a less-is-more approach to your skincare. Minimise your routine, choose lightweight products that don’t weigh down your skin, and always use SPF. It’s essential to simplify your routine during summer, so you can maintain radiant and healthy skin without using heavy products that can clog your pores.
  • Hack #3: Use a hydrating face mask coupled with a moisturising aloe vera cleanser. This will help give your skin a boost of hydration as well as repair dead skin cells, reduce inflammation while keeping your skin cool and refreshed. 
  • Hack #4: Ensure you are incorporating antioxidants into your skincare regime for summer (vitamins C, E and A). Antioxidants help protect skin cells from damage and ageing, and may improve skin texture and appearance. People can consume them in their diet or apply them to their skin by using skincare products. Retinoids are popular antioxidants. Doing this will help your skin cope during the hot months as well as promote a healthy faux glow. 
  • Hack #5: Skin brightening magic. No matter what your skin type, make sure you are applying your vitamin C serum first thing in the morning. It’s especially great in summer because it helps fight free radicals from UV rays and other environmental factors while brightening, clarifying, smoothing and refining the texture of skin. 
  • Hack #6: Choose the correct sunscreen. Mineral sunscreen sits on top of the skin to create a physical barrier from the sun, deflecting all those damaging UV rays away from your skin. Make this your last step after you have optimised your skin. 

“The sun is a mood booster, an external element that encourages jolly times with friends and family. It can also create long-term damage to your skin. Remember that achieving the perfect faux glow does not mean spending hours in the sun. Your faux glow can be accomplished with an optimised skincare routine,” concludes Davel.

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