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Now, more than ever, moms deserve a mom-ent

by Editor

We all know that the past year has been hard, it has been fraught with challenges and we have all been forced to do things differently and adapt to a new reality. There is one group of people who have had it tougher than most – Moms. From homeschooling, to chores and 9-5s that have become 8-8s, moms have been busier than ever, and perhaps more unappreciated as ever.

It’s been a rollercoaster, some have felt overwhelmed and fed up, some moms have re-evaluated their jobs and looked for new ones, some are reconsidering their purpose and the place that a career holds in their life as priorities have been forever shifted. For other moms it’s been a real positive to be able to work remotely and be more involved in their kids’ education – albeit a massive challenge to juggle roles.

The universal truth is that moms need a mom-ent to themselves and reassurance that although things have been rough they will improve. Mother’s Day will be more poignant than ever this year and Lindt is encouraging giving mom the best gift of all… Gifting your mom some blissful time to herself with LINDOR this Mother’s Day, visit lindtonlineshop.co.za or any of the local major retailers to treat mom this Mother’s Day.

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