Gummy Vitamins – the trend that gets your kids to take their vitamins daily!

Life is busy. With kids, it’s about 100 times busier. As a parent, you might feel that you are always running around to meet school schedules, make lunches, help with homework, and more. You have so much to focus on every single day with your child’s well-being always being the centre of your attention. We can bet that you are no stranger to trying to get your child to take vitamins and supplements to boost their immunity.

If you’ve ever been met by a look of disgust or your child spitting out their liquid vitamins, then this article is for you. Today, there is a high demand for an on-the-go dietary supplement that is easier for children to take 1b. Better yet, there is a huge demand for vitamins that children actually look forward to taking! Gummy-based vitamins are the answer.

Combat vitamin deficiencies

Both developing and underdeveloped countries worldwide show an increase in undernourishment and vitamin deficiencies among children 1a. More than ever before, parents need to focus on ensuring their kids are getting the correct amount of vitamins daily for a healthy immune system. Consuming gummy vitamins daily has shown an increase in immunity 1c. These products are ideal for parents wanting to help their kids maintain better health and consume their recommended daily vitamin requirements 1c.

Parents now have more choice

Gummy vitamins have faced criticism in the past for containing too much sugar. However, with advances in science and technology and the rise in demand for vegan and sugar-free gummies, parents now have the choice to avoid vitamin gummies containing gelatin and sugar 1d. Gummy vitamins now offer sugar-free, naturally flavoured variations to provide the ultimate well-being boost to children 1e. Parents now have peace of mind that they are giving their kids the best that the vitamin market has to offer with gummy-based alternatives.

Why are liquid vitamins an outdated concept?

There is a lot that makes administering liquid vitamins to kids so difficult. For starters, not all liquid vitamins have great palatability. Many leave behind a smell, have a texture or have a lingering aftertaste 2a. Some children are highly sensitive to these characteristics.

As a parent, you know that your child only has to dislike something once to never want to take it again. Once kids feel this way about liquid vitamins, that’s usually an entire bottle wasted. As children get older, they also require different dosages of liquid vitamins. The correct dosage must be given relevant to the child’s age 2b. Liquid vitamins pose a risk of under or over-dosing among children, especially when this task is left to caregivers 2e. This is something that can be completely avoided with gummy vitamins as they offer exact dosage per age group.

Liquid bottles pose other risks including contamination or spoiling if left open too long 2c. Many need to be stored in a fridge due to shorter expiry dates 2c. They are not ideal to transport as they often spill or leak 2d. Gummy vitamins can eliminate all this with better shelf lives, dosing accuracy, and easy storage.

Gummy vitamins are the future

As a parent make vitamin taking an easier process for yourself and your kids with highly palatable gummy vitamins. You’ll also avoid the mess you’ll normally deal with measuring spoons or liquid leaks. Just one gummy a day is usually the ideal dosage your kids can make part of their daily routine. With one chew they’ll have all the required nutrients they need and you’ll have less fuss and more peace of mind knowing your little one’s immune systems are cared for.


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Category D: Health supplement. This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority for quality, safety or intended use.

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