How to reduce your airtime & data costs with Spot Money

Research shows that South Africa’s airtime and data prices still remain the highest in Africa. Data bundles of 1GB in South Africa cost, on average, R78.50, depending on the mobile network.

Sadly, consumers are forced to choose between bread and data because of the already high cost of living in the country.

It is no surprise that 74% of economically active South Africans turn to loyalty programmes in times of economic hardship to take advantage of discounts and promotions. Furthermore, 67% of consumers prefer cashback benefits, as opposed to discount vouchers, travel/flight discounts, etc. 

Spot Money strives to relieve the financial pressure on South Africans by reducing their monthly expenses, bolstering its purpose-driven approach to finance – making consumer lives easier and more rewarding.

A picture of the app Spot Money on an iphone.

Spot allows customers to save, spend and maximise their money – all from one app. Customers are guaranteed safe and secure money management (Spot accounts are secured at Bidvest Bank under its banking licence, and debit cards are issued by Mastercard), free payments, no monthly account fees, rewards and group accounts.

As part of the brand’s rewards programme, customers who spend using their Spot debit cards receive a 5% to 10% return in airtime and data when shopping at partner retailers. 

How does it work?

Spot has partnered up with SA’s most loved brands to make paying for airtime and data a thing of the past. There are no voucher codes or clumsy coupons to worry about. Customers simply verify their mobile number in the app, then pay as they normally would in-store and online with their Spot debit card, and they’ll earn airtime or data in return.

When you use your Spot debit card at participating retailers, you’ll receive a percentage of your spending in the form of airtime and data. As an example: if you spend R200 on Takealot, you will be rewarded with 5% back in airtime, equating to R10 airtime. 

Partners in the rewards programme include Bolt (5% back), Checkers Sixty60 (5% reward), Mr D (10% back), OneDayOnly (5% reward), ShowMax (10% back) and Takealot (5% reward), with more to come.  

Spot started as an open-banking platform and has since grown into an all-encompassing neo-bank driven by the belief that it shouldn’t cost consumers to use banking services. The Spot neo-banking service aims to relieve consumers’ financial burden and improve their financial well-being by offering a free platform, as the company believes financial inclusivity is paramount to delivering a better economic future for everyone.

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