A lady in a minimalistic bathroom walking to take a shower

Immerse yourself in a love affair with water

Introducing the hansgrohe Pulsify S: an embodiment of luxury and sustainability. This innovative showerhead is not just an addition to your bathroom; with the EcoSmart version, it’s a conscious choice that mirrors your commitment to a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Crafted with care, the Pulsify S embraces sustainability. EcoSmart technology lets you use water responsibly, reducing consumption by up to 60% compared to Hansgrohe’s standard versions, without compromising comfort.

Designed with eco-conscious consumers in mind, the Pulsify S EcoSmart version provides water and energy conservation without compromising on indulgence. Showering pleasure meets responsible resource usage, as this environmentally friendly marvel reduces post-shower dripping, has less water usage and reduces energy costs.

Whether your bathroom is large, small, narrow or wide, Pulsify S guarantees incomparable moments of well-being. The large selection of individual products offers a consistent, rounded design language that fits any bathroom style. Draw from the variety of products and complete the look of your bathroom with Pulsify S showers – winner of the prestigious iF Design Award.

The hansgrohe Pulsify S symbolises your commitment to love – not just for your partner but for the ‘waterful’ life we share on this beautiful planet.

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