Introducing the mosquito repellent light

Future Light has launched its groundbreaking product, the LED Mosquito Repellent Globe. This revolutionary solution is set to redefine the way we combat mosquitoes in our homes and outdoor spaces.

The LED Mosquito Repellent Globe utilises advanced technology to repel mosquitoes without the use of harmful chemicals. Equipped with specially designed LED lights, this innovative device emits a unique wavelength of light that interferes with the sensory receptors of mosquitoes, effectively repelling them from the area.

Unlike traditional insect repellents, the LED Mosquito Repellent Globe is odourless, non-toxic and safe for use around children and pets.

Key features of the LED Mosquito Repellent Globe include:

  • Advanced LED technology – Emits a wavelength of light that repels mosquitoes.
  • Energy-efficient – Consumes minimal power, saving energy and reducing electricity costs.
  • Long-lasting – Durable construction ensures years of reliable performance.
  • Versatile – Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in homes, offices, patios and camping sites.
  • Easy to use – Simply screw into any standard light socket and switch on for instant mosquito protection.

The LED Mosquito Repellent Globe is now available for purchase exclusively on the Future Light website, for R89.

Image credit: jcomp/Freepik

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