Jockey South Africa launches a fresh and sustainable range for women

Adding weight to the ‘green fashion’ movement and taking a stand against ‘fast fashion’, local manufacturer Jockey South Africa is taking further steps to ensure responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes through the launch of its For Me range.

Aimed at South African women, this new environmentally friendly collection utilises Modal as the main fabric to create the range, and is launching on 13 December 2022 nationwide.

General manager for Jockey South Africa, Bruce McMurray explains, “We are excited to be making a bold statement as a company and brand for producing sustainably sourced and innovative products. Apart from the positive environmental impact that producing the For Me range will have due to the use of the eco-friendly Modal fabric, we have also successfully struck a balance of keeping these quality products affordable while remaining stylish and trendy by design.”

According to McMurray, the Modal fabric was also a preferred sustainable fabric option for Jockey’s new range because of its silky natural softness, comfort and efficient moisture management. Modal, which is a bio-based fibre produced from sustainably harvested beechwood trees, is exquisitely soft to the touch, lightweight and flexible. The fabric is not only good for the environment but can hold dye easily – which will keep colours bright even after multiple washes. Its durability prevents rigidity after washing and can be blended with other fibres such as cotton and Spandex for extra strength. Furthermore, it won’t shrink like 100% cotton products, giving the wearer peace of mind that their garment won’t lose shape.

The Jockey For Me range has been described as ‘youthful’ and ‘full of life’, featuring six colours with Magenta Haze, Blue Tranquil and Mindful Mauve being the more vibrant shades. The other more muted tones to choose from within the range include Blue Iris, White and Black. The style of underwear available within Jockey’s For Me range will feature Thong, Boyleg, Brazilian, Midi Hipster, and the ever-popular Bikini silhouettes.

“There are so many benefits to using Modal to create an underwear range, which also includes allowing for all-day comfort because this fibre is naturally breathable and 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. So, our shoppers will be kept cool and happy over the hot festive season while the Modal fabric helps prevent sweating and moves away from the skin, which can cause unwanted skin irritation,” adds McMurray.

Bringing a fresh take on responsible buying behaviour, Jockey presents women with a chance to be bold and playful this summer. Shop with a conscience without compromising on style with Jockey’s For Me statement garments available in-store or online at

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