Less hassle, high-benefit skincare for men

Because beauty is also masculine, it’s important to empower men to feel confident enough to take that first step in caring for their skin.

Skincare for men doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. What it should be, instead, is intentional and consistent. Less is always more when it comes to keeping your skin balanced while enjoying the process. Regardless if you’re 13 or 35, the baseline skin care regimen remains the same.

SKIN functional is encouraging men to experiment with effective skincare products that will not only enhance the appearance of their skin, but will also provide them with confidence to look and feel their best every day.

Kevin Khosa, skin expert at SKIN functional, says: “Skincare is made seamless when you are able to easily choose products for everyday use that respond to men’s needs and expectations. An adapted skin care routine is essential to cleanse, moisturise and sublimate the skin.

“In essence, we are a gender-neutral brand, but also understand that shaving adds that extra layer of skincare needs for men. A tip would be finding products that are expertly formulated, providing you with multiple benefits and a rich ritual with flawless results,” he adds. 

The simplest skincare routine in the world: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise. That’s all you need! Here’s what you need to pop into your back pocket as a reminder when skincare shopping: 

1.     Wash your face twice daily. Every morning and evening. Find a cleanser suitable to your skin type (oily, dry, sensitive, combination). You generally want to look for a gentle salicylic acid cleanser to remove the impurities that build up on your skin. 

2.     Exfoliate twice weekly. Fun fact: In healthy skin, cells renew every four weeks and with this produce dead skin cells. These cells don’t always shed, causing a build-up of dead skin cells that can cause clogged pores that appear as rough patches. By exfoliating twice a week, you are able to remove these dead skin cells from the skin and achieve a healthy glow. We suggest a chemical exfoliant that stays on the skin and works over time. A good lactic acid toner/tonic or serum will be your best friend here. 

3.     Moisturise twice daily (with SPF in the morning). This is the third and final step in your baseline routine. The dual benefit here is to nourish the skin and act as a shield to trap in the moisture in the layers below, while also shielding you from skin ‘ageing’ pollutants in the air. The SPF in the morning is a must! Opt for a broad-spectrum 30+ SPF. This will help protect you against the sun’s harmful UV rays and save your skin in the long run. 

“We know skincare can be intimidating, maybe boring and sometimes overwhelming for men, as the stigma in the past has been that men don’t need a skincare routine. With this quick and easy routine, you will be optimising your skin health in no time,” concludes Khosa. 

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