Leverage your holiday home to travel the world while getting paid

A new club for holiday home owners promises to make your leisure property work twice as hard and reward owners with club membership, offering exclusive rates on local and international travel plus a variety of other travel perks.

If you currently own a beautiful holiday home and have not yet heard of the Pangolin Collection, you may want to apply to list your property on its platform. Why? Because owners who have properties listed in the Pangolin Collection enjoy automatic and exclusive membership of the Pangolin Club.

What is the Pangolin Collection?

The Pangolin Collection is an online booking platform that consists of a carefully curated and vetted portfolio of premium properties. It serves as an additional marketing channel for short-term rental owners who are looking to increase exposure of their properties and, in turn, generate more bookings. Homeowners also benefit from having access to the Pangolin Collection’s 30+ registered agents who promote and make bookings throughout the collection.

What is the Pangolin Club?

The Pangolin Club is a prestigious owners’ club that affords members an array of exclusive perks and benefits, including:

• 50% off 7-night stays throughout the Pangolin Collection (limited blackout dates apply).

• 20% off all stays less than 7 nights, even during blackout dates.

• The ability to exchange weeks in the Pangolin Collection to travel throughout The Registry Collection’s exclusive portfolio of over 150 premium international destinations.

• Access to a dedicated member liaison/concierge to help members plan and organise their travels throughout the year.

• A Xapo Bank USD and Bitcoin Account with a linked global debit card and the first year’s fees included.

Access to the Pangolin Club is only possible through one of two membership pathways: successfully list a property in the Pangolin Collection; and purchase one of only 111 limited Pangolin Collection NFTs.

If you own a beautiful holiday home that you rent out, or would like to rent out, you can apply to list your property in the Pangolin Collection. If your property qualifies and is successfully listed, you will enjoy an additional online channel through which to generate bookings, and will become a member of the exclusive Pangolin Club.

Euphoric Leisure founder Dean McLuckie explains: “There are two types of investments. One is an investment that makes you money, while the other is an investment that saves you money. Owners with a property listed in the Pangolin Collection get the best of both worlds: saving money on travel while making an enhanced return on their property through short-term rentals.”

If you do not currently own a holiday home but would like to become a member of the Pangolin Club, you will need to invest in a Pangolin Collection NFT in order to gain access to the club. However, these NFTs are incredibly scarce, as there are only 111 in the collection.

If you decide to invest in an NFT and then later purchase a short-term rental property that gets listed in the Pangolin Collection, you can sell your NFT and retain your Pangolin Club membership by virtue of becoming a Pangolin Collection homeowner.

Is the NFT like timeshare or fractional ownership?

Absolutely not! With timeshare, you’re typically buying weeks or points. Unless you buy a fixed week, you end up competing with a pool of other people to get the time you want. This can make it difficult for owners to secure the specific dates or locations they desire, leading to disappointment and frustration.

Many timeshare owners seldom use their timeshare, but are locked into ever-increasing levies – and when they want to sell or exit, they realise it’s difficult to find a buyer who’s prepared to pay a fair price. Additionally, there may be contractual limitations on reselling or exiting the timeshare agreement, making it even more difficult to get out of the ownership.

Many fractional-ownership properties use Raggett’s Model. The fraction is typically valued at two to three times the property’s value, which makes it incredibly difficult to recoup the original investment in the fraction. While private fractions may be more fairly valued, the modern-day traveller finds it difficult to fit their life into a rolling roster – and it’s even more difficult to get out without selling the entire property and exiting all the fractional owners at once.

What makes the Pangolin Club unique?

The Pangolin Club differs from the majority of travel or owner clubs out there in a number of ways:

• No fixed annual costs. Members do not pay any fixed annual costs or levies. Instead, they receive exclusive member rates when they do travel so they never incur costs for time they don’t use.

• No limit on the amount of travel benefits a member can use in a given year. Members are not restricted to only travelling for one to four weeks a year. Members are able to travel an unlimited number of times a year, each time receiving exclusive member rates.

• Rapidly expanding portfolio of destinations. Each additional property that is listed in the Pangolin Collection is another property that members can book at their exclusive member rates. This means members enjoy an increasing variety of destinations to which to travel.

• Ease of exit. Should a member decide to exit from the Pangolin Club and their membership is linked to their property being listed in the Pangolin Collection, they can simply delist their property. Alternatively, if their membership is linked to their ownership of a Pangolin Collection NFT, they can simply list their NFT for sale on an NFT marketplace such as OpenSea and sell it. All the inherent member benefits would then simply transfer to the new owner of the NFT.

The Pangolin Club addresses all the pain points and frustrations of traditional travel clubs and timeshares to offer something truly fitting for the modern-day traveller. In addition to this, the fact that it’s focused on short-term rental owners and a very limited number of NFT holders makes it one of the most exclusive travel clubs on the market.

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