LG top loader washing machine

LG unveils the ultimate top loader

If you have ever pondered the best features of top loader and front loader washers, you are not alone. The convenience of top loaders, with their speedy wash cycles and effortless clothing additions, contrasts with the fabric care focus and advanced technology offered by front loaders. Is it possible, you might have wondered, to combine these distinct advantages into a single, powerful washing machine?

Well, it turns out the answer is yes!

Top loaders excel in convenience. Their rapid wash cycles outpace those of front loaders, and the top opening allows you to easily add items of clothing at the last minute. This design saves valuable floor space that a front loader’s door would otherwise occupy during loading and unloading.

On the other hand, front loaders prioritise fabric care. Being a more modern invention, they typically have better technology, which enables them to offer an array of washing settings each suited to your specific garments’ needs. Longer, gentler cycles provide added protection, ensuring the longevity of your clothes.

Their large drum capacity also allows for more laundry in fewer loads.

In the realm of laundry, no one should have to compromise between efficiency and care when both are essential – so why not have both?

LG’s latest innovation resolves this predicament. For the first time, LG has integrated its groundbreaking AI Inverter Direct Drive™ (AI DD™) technology, typically reserved for front-loading machines, into two top loader washing machines, resulting in the ultimate washing experience. The AI DD™ technology utilises deep learning to automatically detect fabric weight and type, subsequently selecting the most suitable washing settings for each laundry load.

“Say goodbye to the guesswork associated with setting the optimal washing parameters, as these remarkable machines do it all for you,” says Carol Guedes, head of Home Appliances Sales at LG Electronics South Africa.

Beyond lightening the laundry load, these top loaders provide superior garment care. Equipped with AI DD™, the 24kg Top Loader H900S and the 21kg Top Loader H700S models feature six washing motions: tumbling, swinging, filtration, rolling, swinging and stepping – surpassing the singular agitating motion of standard top loader washers. This advanced technology, combined with intelligent care, results in a remarkable 24% increase in fabric protection, extending the lifespan of your clothes.

For those seeking efficiency above all else, these LG top loaders deliver in abundance. With the TurboWash function, you can enjoy fresh, clean clothes in just 30 minutes with the 24kg Top Loader. “Or even better yet, tap the TurboWash button on the ThinQ mobile app and manage your top loader from a distance. Now that’s convenient,” adds Guedes.

The advanced LG Steam+™ technology, also found in LG’s front loaders, effectively eliminates 99.9% of allergens – including dust mites, which are known to trigger allergies and respiratory problems – while also reducing wrinkles by 30%. On top of that, including a larger lint filter in the washing machine ensures your laundry and drum stay cleaner by capturing dust and dirt removed from your clothes.

These washing machines not only optimise laundry tasks but also safeguard the longevity of your wardrobe and overall health. By seamlessly merging the best features of top loaders and front loaders, LG has engineered the ultimate washing experience – effectively bridging the gap between convenience and care for consumers.

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