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Sorbet Man unpacks its all-male hair care grooming line, for the swagger gent.

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Sorbet Man proudly introduces its brand new hair grooming product range for men. This means that South African men can access any look they like, any day or night – and at an affordable price too. Shelved at Sorbet Man stores and Clicks stores nationwide from June 2018 the new grooming range is designed to grab the attention of the on-trend male.

With waxes, pomades, creams and fibres to go, hair is not just hair anymore: it’s a masterful statement. Each of the products are formulated with a unique mixture of rice protein and amino acids aimed at strengthening hair strands, ensuring a solid look to match your belt, your brogues and your collar.

Sorbet Man has taken care to include essential nutrients into its grooming range that lock in moisture and protection while defining the look. This includes ingredients such as jojoba, baobab, apricot, coconut and sacha oils.

“Hair care is no longer just reserved for the ladies,” says Natalie Hesketh-Mare, Chief Executive of Sorbet Man, “a man who takes care of himself, and the way he looks, emanates power, prestige and appeal; our new grooming range adds spunk to the metro male regime – and the alpha male could do with some too,” ends Hesketh-Mare.

Let’s meet the Man MVP’s:

Sorbet Man Hair Wax:
Wax on, wax off, wax on again: the best part about this medium hold, low shine bathroom bud is that it’s epically pliable-meaning you can create and recreate your look without that wind-tunnel setting in. Just enough hold to manage that ‘not-trying-too-hard’ vibe.

Sorbet Man Ultra Hold Hair Gel:
Say adios amigo to that crunchy hair feeling. The Sorbet Man Ultra Hold Hair Gel leaves you with an extra strength hold, minus the crunchy bits, and a high shine look that’s polished, slick and double dapper during your day-to-day movements.

Sorbet Man Forming Hair Cream:
The Sorbet Man Forming Hair Cream gives you a look so good the paparazzi will have a field day. Suitable for all hair types, and celeb types.

Sorbet Man Pomade:
Pomade. No you can’t run on it and no, it’s not a small dog your girlfriend wants to adopt – it’s your new favorite grooming product. It’s the medium hold, high shine secret weapon you’ve been searching for. It slides on slick n’ smooth without drying out, and washes out easily. The perfect remedy for hair that just isn’t doing it for you. Because bad hair days happen to dudes too.


Sorbet Man Hair Fibre:
This product goes on smooth, like that time your pick-up line actually worked. It’s the high hold and low shine wonder that dries matte and leaves your hair feeling fuller, thicker – and adds a little booya to your mop. It contains beeswax which ensures a long lasting hold, from am to pm and back again.

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