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Easy ways to achieve a flatter tummy:
Don’t skip meals

It’s not uncommon to suddenly put on weight from age 40, especially around the tummy. Some of us try to combat this by skipping meals or surviving on just one meal a day for weeks to try and lose weight fast. The result is often over eating at night and snacking on biscuits and sweets after dinner.
Expert solution

“If you survive on next to nothing until the evening, you are more likely to make bad choices and overeat, says nutritional therapist, Lisa Blair.

“This way of eating also leaves you vulnerable to emotional eating because it causes low blood sugar, which brings about a low mood and sugar cravings.

“The key to beating this is eating three meals a day with regular snacks, so that hunger never gets out of hand.

“Ensure all carbohydrates are wholewheat and full of fibre, as they slowly release sugar into the blood and fill you up more. Also include protein with each meal to increase that feeling of fullness, and eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.”
Watch out for food intolerances

Tragic events such as the loss of a parent or family member, or general stress and anxiety (from everyday problems) can often trigger a cycle of comfort eating which can cause the numbers on the scale to creep up slowly but steadily over the years.

Also women tend to carry most of their weight around the tummy and thighs which can leave you feeling puffy and lethargic. However, if you’re always left feeling bloated and uncomfortable after a meal, it could be linked to a food intolerance.

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