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B-well Flavoured Mayonnaise: Adds a TWIST of Flavour

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A staple in virtually every household, mayonnaise is deeply rooted in South African cooking. B-well has already created some of SA’s favourites; Tangy, Thick’n Creamy and Olive Mayo to suit all taste buds and tasty enough to suit every meal.

Today, have some exciting news and have added a slight twist! We have launched our new range of flavoured mayonnaise. There are three different flavours to choose from; Garlicnaise, Chillinaise and Lemonaise. These variants are versatile, fun and pack a punch of flavour. It can enhance even the most boring chicken salad, give any pasta an extra burst of flavour and provide depth to a bland vegetable dish.

Our mayonnaises are egg, dairy and gluten-free so individuals with food allergies or who enjoy a vegan lifestyle can enjoy our delicious product. Plus, because it’s made with canola oil, households can enjoy a rich source of omega 3. Now more than ever there’s a world of flavour to enjoy with B-well’s range of mayonnaise.

All these mayonnaises are dairy, egg and gluten free.

Exclusively available at Checkers Western Cape.

bwell garlicnaise
  • Rich in flavour.
  • A creamy canola mayonnaise with a strong garlic taste.
  • Great to use in tuna, egg, backed potatoes.
  • Works well with sandwiches / warm meals
Bwell chilli
  • Thick and creamy.
  • A creamy canola mayonnaise with a peri-peri taste profile and a mild burn.
  • Works well for salad dressings / dips.
  • A sweet, tangy and creamy canola mayonnaise with a strong lemon taste.
  • Great in sandwiches / dips / wraps.

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