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Make every school day a win for your kids by sending them to bed!

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A good night’s sleep plays an important part in every child’s overall academic performance.

Research shows that students who get a full eight hours of sleep per night pay better attention in class, remember what they have learned, are more creative, better at problem solving and achieve better grades.

In contrast, signs of sleepiness amongst students can show up as behavioral and learning difficulties. Children who seem excessively sleepy during the day are more likely to experience problems with learning, paying attention, general conduct and hyperactivity than children who are not sleepy. Sleepiness causes difficulties with concentration and mood, and students can struggle to stay awake in class.

Researchers specifically found a link between academic performance and “Sleep Efficiency”, which is the proportion of the amount of time the child slept to the amount of time they were in bed, or simply put, how well the child sleeps at night.


A poor quality or older mattress may contribute to low Sleep Efficiency, and can see your child lying restlessly for hours without being able to fall asleep.

This leads to an abnormal sleep pattern that leaves your child feeling mentally exhausted in the morning. Scary to think that this can become your child’s new daily pattern!

An Edblo bed’s combination of a scientifically advanced support system and superb comfort will ensure your child gets a great night’s rest.

Add in a healthy and consistent bedtime routine, placing emphasis on the need for a regular sleep schedule and keeping televisions and computers out of bedrooms before bedtime, and your child is well under way to achieving academic success.

Edblo’s comprehensive collection of beds will ensure you find a bed suitable for you child’s specific requirements.

Score top marks for your children and invest in an Edblo bed today!

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