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3 natural beauty hacks for a healthy spring glow

by Tania Griffin
A women with her natural skin glow

What’s not to love about spring… It’s finally warmer, it’s lighter for longer, the birds are chirping, and everywhere you look is a riot of blossom. But does your skin still have the dull winter look to it?

Bianca Leonard, marketing manager at air treatment and lifestyle brand Solenco, says that a healthy complexion is more than just skin-deep. Here she outlines three holistic and natural hacks to get your skin glowing this spring.

  1. Explore aromatherapy

Let’s face it, social media is awash with 10-step routines and ads for facial serums and lotions that claim to work actual miracles. And maybe they do, but they’re generally chemical-based and contain some level of toxins. Pure essential aromatherapy oils like frankincense, tea tree, ylang ylang, geranium and rose support smoother, clearer and all-round healthier skin. And, they smell heavenly. It’s a win-win routine to get into.

  1. Eat and sleep well

There’s just no getting away from it. You need your five helpings and eight hours. Spring brings with it an abundance of delicious fresh fare, and the bright colours alone are enough to put a smile on your face (and in your tummy). Get creative and explore the fruit and veg that come into season this spring, like artichokes, aubergines, guavas and grapefruit. Eating foods that are grown in their optimal climate means less human intervention, or extended periods of refrigeration. And because they’re generally ripened naturally, they’re more nutritious and flavourful!

  1. Healthy air means healthy skin

While we welcome the warmer air that spring brings, it does also bring with it the bug bear of seasonal pollen and hay fever that can disturb the best of beauty sleep and skincare routines. Allergic symptoms like sniffing and sneezing, and red and inflamed skin can put a dampener on your healthy spring glow.

For South Africans who use air conditioners to beat the heat, there is also risk of drying out the air, making for dry, rough skin that is more prone to signs of ageing. Leonard suggests you ‘humidify while you get shut-eye’.

The Solenco Ultrasonic Humidifier has a silver ion sterilisation function that kills 99.99% of air-borne bacteria and an optional HEPA filter that will remove 99.97% of airborne allergens like pollen. It also has an integrated aroma diffuser, so you can add essential oils to promote relaxation and make breathing easier.

A picture of Solenco Ultrasonic Humidifier has a silver ion sterilisation function that kills 99.99% of air-borne bacteria.

Leonard says that incorporating a humidifier into your daily routine is a game changer for maintaining healthier overall skin: “The unit is loadshedding-friendly, in that it’ll switch itself back on when the power comes back on, and it’ll also switch itself off when the water level is too low.”

Best of all, for those who value beautiful décor as well as gorgeous skin, its sleek design ensures it’ll blend into your bedroom. “The Solenco Ultrasonic Humidifier is functional and well designed,” says Leonard. “It’s the seasonal beauty hack you need to share with your besties.”

Solenco products are stocked by South Africa’s largest retailers such as @Home, Hirsch’s, Makro, Takealot, Clicks, Builders Warehouse and YuppieChef.

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