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Skin cycling – Is TikTok telling the truth?

by Editor

If you are on Tik Tok and have a slight interest in skincare, you will have seen the skin cycling trend creep onto your For You Page. When it comes to social media trends, it is so important to not believe everything that gets hype and talkability; however, with over 100 million views and still ranking up the popularity, skin cycling may be here to stay. 

Natasha Davel, brand manager at Fundamentals Skincare, explains: “Basically, skin cycling is a rotational skin routine using products with active ingredients that your skin needs on a weekly basis. What you need to know is that it is a four-day cycle dedicated to exfoliating the skin on day one, using a retinoid on day two, and rest and skipping products with active ingredients on day three and four – and then repeat.” 

Among the interesting and creative trending videos that pop up on our FYP on skin cycling, dermatologists and professionals recommend that it is a good way to incorporate active skincare ingredients into your routine – without thinking too hard about it.

This skincare regimen focuses on alternating active ingredients (i.e. exfoliating acids and retinoids) to balance and protect your skin throughout the week. Skin cycling is a ‘less is more’ approach, being a safe and helpful method for people who may be struggling to find a good skin routine. 

“Skin cycling is safe, as long as you don’t overdo it by applying too much of any of your skincare products or forgetting to rotate your products throughout the week,” adds Davel. 

You may be wondering how long this process may take to work if you are thinking about trying it. Well, if you are between the ages of 19 and 21, you will see results a lot faster (± 14 to 21 days) compared to a middle-aged adult who could take up to 28 days to see results. A skin cycle can vary with each individual and is affected by such factors as age, hormones, skin condition/health and stress. 

“In addition, if you have any skin conditions, suffer from eczema or have any open wounds or cuts, it’s best to stay away from exfoliants and retinoids. Again, this only works for skin types that need these kind of actives. If you’re thinking about trying this trend, start with gentle products and consult your dermatologist if you are unsure about anything,” concludes Davel.

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