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Treat Dry Skin With These Winter Saviours

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Suffering from dry skin? You’re not alone. A recent study in the British Journal of Dermatology noted that many people suffer more from dry skin in winter because the harsh climatic changes affects our skin’s natural barrier function by breaking down a key protein in the skin called filaggrin. In winter, rapidly changing temperatures, from heated indoors to cold outdoor environments, can affect the capillaries, and prolonged exposure to wet weather can strip the skin’s barrier function.

“Both children and adults suffer from red cheeks in winter and some may even develop more permanent skin conditions such as atopic eczema and rosacea,” said senior author Dr. Jacob Thyssen, of the University of Copenhagen.

The solution? It’s important to protect your skin and treat dryness with good-quality skincare products and emollients in winter and focus on sunscreen to reduce the risk of UVB and UVA damage.

Not sure where to start with the right products? You’re in luck! We’ve found the best skincare products for dry skin – which show visible results. So, go ahead and pamper yourself, as well as treat dry skin with these expert tips and reviving buys to keep your skin soft, smooth and supple.

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