Making quality brands accessible to all parents

My name is Monique Palanyandi and I am 39 years old. I was proudly raised by my single mum with my three older siblings on the Cape Flats in Parkwood.

My husband and I have been adventurously together for 20+ years and have three kids together: ages 18, 16 and 9.

Three years ago, I got the opportunity to purchase Kids Emporium Online – an opportunity I really wanted to grab with both hands. Our business specialises in quality products for parents and their little ones, both local and international brands. We are still a growing company working from our residence, but intend to expand our reach in the coming years.

Given the company’s niche footprint in the market, we are aware that we need a broader reach among our consumers. I, for one, know how expensive times have become, having raised kids myself – and while we want the best for our littles ones, the budget is not always available. We want our brands to become accessible to all parents from all parts of the country.

This is an initiative we are currently navigating. All information about this initiative will be shared on our website and socials very soon.

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