Meat-free Monday just got a whole lot tastier!

McCOY, a brand exclusive to SPAR, is again disrupting the South African pie market with its new ready-to-eat, plant-based pies – available in two delicious plant-based variants: à la king and pepper.

McCOY pies, well known for their bigger size (weighing in unbaked at 250g), 55g more than the average single-serving pie currently available on the market) and unique slow-cooked fillings, have fast become a go-to meal for the everyday consumer.

The new range of plant-based pies is made with shredded soya pieces that are slow-cooked in a delicious plant-based savoury à la king and pepper sauce, respectively. The best part? These pies are made with the same unique light and crispy pastry, with the lattice pattern that McCOY pies have become known for.

SPAR’s decision to create a unique meatless alternative was an easy one to make. While South Africans love their meat, more and more consumers are opting for meat-free meals at least once a week. In fact, a Euromonitor International report, “Strategic Themes in Food and Nutrition”, states that while less than 5% of South Africa’s population is vegetarian, around 20% of the population is at least trying to limit their meat intake based on various motivations and beliefs.

Perfect for an on-the-go lunch or served for supper with a salad on the side, SPAR’s latest addition to its exclusive McCOY pie range is bound to find favour with flexitarians and lacto-vegetarians looking for a meat alternative.

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