Myths and truths about cellulite

In the face of several attempts to find a treatment for cellulite, numerous theories have emerged about which would be the ideal method and, with that, some misunderstandings.

We gathered some clarifications on the most frequent questions that GoldIncision method patients ask professionals:

Cellulite can be hereditary – TRUE
If your mother, grandmother and aunts have cellulite, there is a high chance that it will appear on your body, too. However, it is not a rule. The gene is just one of the factors that can be considered the cause of cellulite.

Cellulite only appears in sedentary people – MYTH
Yes, excess weight and poor shape can make the holes more apparent; however, cellulite can appear on any body type, whether healthy or not. But for you to help prevent it, regular physical exercise is important.

Water can help prevent cellulite – TRUE
In addition to a well-balanced diet with foods that reduce inflammation, drinking water and staying hydrated will help keep your tissue strong and flexible – in addition to eliminating various toxins from the body through urine and sweat, reducing swelling.

Tight jeans cause cellulite – TRUE
According to the professionals at GoldIncision, jeans favour the appearance of holes in the skin. Clothing that is too tight hampers circulation and contributes to swelling – two factors that are among the causes of cellulite.

Cellulite is a subject for after 30 – MYTH
Cellulite can appear at any age. The ideal is to adopt prevention protocols such as diet and exercise, in addition to performing procedures such as lymphatic drainage and radiofrequency.

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