NEW BOOK: Buy Your First Home

Award-winning media maven turned property entrepreneur and podcaster (The Private Property Podcast), Zamantungwa Khumalo, has released “South Africa’s ultimate property guide for newbies”.

Her property journey began with much trepidation. Google had little localised information. She even feared viewing places with the cash ready to buy. This is what happens when you are the first in your family to buy property.

As someone who grew up like many South Africans do (in back rooms or in townships), she knows what troubles local property newbies. Luckily, if this is you, you are not alone.

A Twitter thread Khumalo wrote on property buying generated so much interest that she realised others were as clueless as she had been at first. She felt compelled to share her hard-won insights on a better platform – her new book.

Buy Your First Home is a wonderful guide that’s clearly written and packed full of useful information from industry experts. It’s perfect for first-time home buyers who need something handy and easy to follow.

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