Nutrition sponsorship set to celebrate future sports stars

A partnership between two industry leaders in their own right – FUTURELIFE®, a leading South African food company, and SuperSport Schools, the leader in broadcasting the South African School Sports story – is set to benefit thousands of children over the next three years.

The two share a commitment to the children of South Africa and have joined forces to combine nutrition and sport in a long-term collaboration aimed at celebrating and supporting our Future Stars both on and off the field.

For years FUTURELIFE® has been making a daily difference in millions of South African children’s lives through the various sustainable nutritional programmes it has initiated. Now, through its partnership with SuperSport Schools, it will be able to reach and support even more children with its innovative smart nutritional expertise. Future stars of school sports will be able to shine even brighter, and SuperSport Schools will be there to capture every moment live.

According to SuperSport Schools general manager Gerhard Steyn, school sports form the foundation upon which great sporting nations are built: the stronger the foundation, the brighter South Africa’s future sporting stars can shine. “A strong foundation, however, starts with both an understanding of and access to good nutrition. For young athletes, this access is critical not only to their sporting success but, more importantly, to their growth, development and overall well-being. That is why we’re so excited that FUTURELIFE® has agreed to be the official nutrition partner for SuperSport Schools.”

FUTURELIFE® managing director Mark Bunn concurs. “The decision to partner with SuperSport Schools was an easy one; the synergy between our missions is crystal clear – both companies want to celebrate, educate, support and encourage South African children toward healthy living both on and off the field. The exposure that SuperSport provides learners on the field so that they are seen, coupled with FUTURELIFE®’s nutritional expertise, will go a long way to ensuring we develop these future stars, while also offering participants access to proper nutritional support and advice that will be of lifelong benefit.”

The three-year FUTURELIFE® sponsorship of this initiative will include:

  • Access for students, parents and coaches to nutritional expertise;
  • Dietician & nutrition support at partner schools;
  • School competitions;
  • Nutritional support for select underprivileged players and teams;
  • Activations at sporting festivals; and
  • Access to the FUTURELIFE® Futurepreneur programmes for parents.

The significance of this collaboration is far-reaching and will, over the next three years, potentially impact 177 600 children from 148 schools at 118 major festivals, with 22 700 live matches played by 7 000+ teams across 20+ sporting codes, all broadcast via the SuperSport Schools App and its dedicated linear channel on SuperSport.

The SuperSport Schools App currently has more than 290 000 registered users and that number is rapidly growing. Some more exciting news is that SuperSport Schools will launch its very own dedicated linear channel, 216, on SuperSport on 1 March 2023.

In 2022, SuperSport Schools produced close to 28 000 live matches across 35 different sports codes, and in 2023 plans to more than double that number.

FUTURELIFE®’s goal, through its partnership with school sports, is to be able to encourage and make a meaningful impact on many more South African children’s lives through sport and nutrition, a powerful recipe for creating healthy and happy young people. Additionally, by assisting parents to achieve sustainable incomes through entrepreneurial programmes, the company hopes to boost the overall quality of life for the whole family.

“We also love the fact that, by showcasing and celebrating all school sporting events through SuperSport Schools, and not just those of the first teams, everyone can be a Future Star!” concludes Bunn.

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