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Forget the caffeine – just breathe!

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If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to caffeine but still crave the morning rush that coffee brings, oxygen supplementation could be the answer, accompanied by other innovative and 100% natural ways of giving both your body and brain a boost…

Worried about the caffeine in your morning cup of Joe? Is your wake-up cuppa giving you the jitters? Instead of gritting your teeth and reaching for the decaf, why not just breathe deeply from a can of Boost Oxygen, now available in South Africa? The quality of the air we breathe is critically important to our overall wellbeing. Oxygen is a vital component, powering our bodies during exercise, helping us to keep our brains sharp and attentive and boosting the immune system and our powers of recovery after an illness, or even a night on the town.

Boost Oxygen’s handy 650ml cans of 95% purified oxygen combined with 5% of ambient air are great at helping you to wake up, get your game-face on and attack each new day with vigour and enthusiasm. It comes in aromatic fragrances of peppermint, pink grapefruit and menthol-eucalyptus which have been introduced to assist with the process of oxygen absorption, leaving you feeling and looking energised, revitalised and ready for anything.

Studies have shown that oxygen is essential for optimal brain activity, and oxygen supplementation can improve mental performance, boost energy levels and relieve stress, as well as alleviating the symptoms of insomnia and hangovers. Just three to five inhalations can make all the difference and banish caffeine to mere memory, leaving you feeling naturally refreshed and ready for anything.

To complement the positive effects of oxygen supplementation, Boost Oxygen also recommends the following alternatives to regular intakes of caffeine:

Rooibos tea and other herbal infusions
South Africa’s favourite export is renowned for its ability to cure headaches, help with insomnia and boost the immune system. It’s completely free from caffeine and is actually classified as a herb, as opposed to a tea. Or how about licorice tea? Bold tasting and sweet when taken alone, or to a lesser degree when combined with another herbal tea blend, licorice is an adrenal tonic and increases energy levels.

Then there’s ginseng, of course, which is well-known for its energy-boosting properties and which comes in a variety of different tonics, beverages and other concoctions. With a spoonful of honey to curb its sometimes bitter taste, ginseng tea can stimulate concentration and is a tried-and-tested fatique buster. Carob powder can also give you the feeling an espresso shot delivers. Similar to cocoa and naturally sweet, carob tastes great added to warm milk with a dribble of honey and won’t lead to energy crashes and slumps.

Wheatgrass, of course, is tough to beat when it comes to natural energy supplements. But you either love it or loathe it, so look for the best method of delivery to suite your tastebugs, either straight as a shot or in effervescent format.

Vitamin B
An absolutely essential ingredient in your diet, B vitamins help your body metabolise the foods you eat, which means they are essential for the production of energy. A vitamin B deficiency can cause fatigue and poor concentration. Foods rich in B vitamins include lean meats, nuts, seeds, eggs and fortified grains. Adding these to your diet can help boost your energy and replace your usual dose of caffeine.

A protein rich breakfast is a great replacement for a cup of coffee and is worth the time it takes to prepare. Increasing the amount of protein in your diet can help boost your mood, improve your concentration skills, supply you with energy and maintain your energy levels. Think eggs and bacon, smoked salmon and cheese…or a delicious omelette combining all of the above!

Aqua de vida
Yes, water is life. Dehydration can cause a serious lack of energy and fatigue, so an easy way to boost flagging or absent energy levels is to down a glass of water or two and keep an eye on hydration levels throughout the day. If you want to boost this simple remedy, then add some lemon juice and zest and consume at will. Lemon water has been recognised for its power to detox and is packed with Vitamin C, boosting energy and improving your mood.

Pomegranate juice

Full of antioxidants and energisers, pure pomegranate juice is a delicious energy booster and easily incorporated into other beverage recipes. Either sip the juice on its own, or blend it with other fruit juices or in a smoothie.

Boost Oxygen is available from selected outlets and online at www.boostoxygensa.co.za at a recommended retail price of R290 for a 650ml canister.



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