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Glenryck Pilchards’ new spicy Six Gun flavour coming soon

by Tania Griffin
Glenryck Pilchards in Tomato Sauce in a red can. Glenryck Pilchards in Hot Chilli Sauce in a pink can.

African Pioneer Marine (APM) has responded to a gap in South Africa’s canned fish market with its new Glenryck Pilchards in Six Gun Sauce.

APM chief operating officer Pieter Greeff says the new flavour combination is not only in line with the group’s expansion and growth strategy, but is aimed at providing a wholesome meal for consumers who are in a cost squeeze due to increasingly high inflation and spiralling food costs.

The new product, he says, is also in response to the needs of everyday people who are under continued pressure from the rolling power outages by the country’s electricity provider, Eskom.

“Glenryck Pilchards are a heritage brand in this country. Families have eaten it and used it in their recipes for generations, but our market research showed us there was a real gap in the market for an affordable, wholesome, easy-to-prepare meal with a touch of fun. Consumers wanted a versatile meal they could prepare without having to reheat or cook, while at the same time not compromising on taste.”

Six Gun Seasoning is immensely popular, with a heritage dating as far back as 1912. The uniquely South African seasoning contains celery, onion, paprika and chives combined with oregano, cumin and cayenne pepper.

While both canned pilchards and the spicy seasoning are much loved and considered as household staples by South African consumers, combining the two was a “no-brainer”, says Greeff.

Served straight out of the tin, as sishebo (stew), on a sandwich with toasted cheese and onion, or with dumplings, the flavoursome pairing provides a fresh, convenient and tasty meal that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

High in quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids at an affordable price, pilchards are also an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals. The new flavoursome combination is a low-calorie and low-carbohydrate food that is quick and easy to prepare.

The new Glenryck Pilchards in Six Gun Sauce is a worthy addition to the brand’s existing Pilchards in Tomato Sauce and Pilchards in Hot Chilli Sauce. The new flavour comes out in a 400g can wrapped in a distinctive red, blue and brown label with the brand’s trademark bright sun and leaping blue pilchard.

Greeff says the launch of the new flavour has set the group apart from other brands on the market. “We put a lot of thought into this product. We thought about the daily pressures and needs of our consumers, the flavours that they love, and how we could bring a well-loved staple to the market in such a way that it would help families cope in the current-day South Africa.”

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